Polymer Products

Adhesives / Sealant

Product name End Uses
KEMIT*-resin(Co-polyester) Adhesion of PET film, PBT ,PVC, metal, cloth and paper
Binder of color master batch
KEMIT*-film(Co-polyester) Adhesion of film, cloth and metallic sheet
KEMIT*-epoxy(Epoxy) Adhesion of CFRP,metal and engineering plastics
Product Name Structural Formula End Uses
THIOKOL* LP(Liquid Polysulfide Polymers) Sealants, Impression materials, Adhesives, Injections, Printing blankets
LP-282(NPS-282) Block-copolymer of polysulfide and polyether Base material for construction sealant
TOPKOL* One-part Polysulfide Sealant Sealant for construction and civil engineering
POLYTHIOL QE-340M* Thiol terminated polyether liquid polymer Quick curing agent for epoxy resin

* Trademarks of Toray Group in this Chemical product site are used for Japanese Customer.


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