Inorganic Chemical Products

Major technologies and catalysts

1) ISOLENE* catalyst process (catalyst)

Xylene mixtures in C8 aromatics can be isomerized to PX upto it's equilibrium concentration and ethylbenzene can be Benzene selectively by deethylation reaction.

2) TAC9* catalyst process (catalyst)

Xylene mixtures and benzene can be mainly produced from C9+aromatics, where toluene can be mixed, by transalylation, dealkylation and disproportionation reaction.

3) TATORAY* catalyst process (catalyst)

Xylene mixtures and benzene can be produced from toluene by disproportionation reaction. This process was co-developed with UOP LLC in the U.S.

4) DX process (catalyst)

Ethylbenzene in C8 aromatics can be converted to benzene by deethylation reaction at more than 90wt% of conversion and consequently ethylbenzene concentration C8 aromatics is lower than 1.0wt%.

5) HALOSORB* (absorbent)

Radioactive iodine and methyl iodide can be removed.

6) Others

Consistent manufacturing technologies from zeolite synthesis to manufacturing zeolite.

* Trademarks of Toray Group in this Chemical product site are used for Japanese Customer.


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