Inorganic Chemical Products

Catalyst & Catalyst Technology

Toray supplies high quality products through the world as one of major polyester manufacturers and our catalyst technologies are used for manufacturing it's raw material, p-Xylene(PX). Toray developed efficient PX manufacturing technology with zeolitite base catalyst and started manufacturing PX at our own plant site in 1970's. Some time later, although Toray withdrew from the PX business, R&D for zeolite itself, zeolite base catalyst and chemical manufacturing process are being continued at Toray mainly in the field of PX. Toray works to licence process technologies and to sell catalysts developed and owned by Toray based on commercial references at our customers and accumulated know-how.

Joint development and toll manufacturing

Toray can propose co-development or toll manufacturing deal in various field and application, which is not only petrochemicals, based on our own manufacturing technologies for zeolite and catalyst.

* Trademarks of Toray Group in this Chemical product site are used for Japanese Customer.


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