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ABS Resin TOYOLAC™ is a highly versatile thermoplastic consisting of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene and it has unique set of properties combining "strength," "lightness," and "aesthetics."

TOYOLAC™ is widely used in both industrial and household goods due to its unique set of properties combining "strength," "lightness" and "aesthetics" as well as its excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical properties, and superior processability.
Resin is available not only in the form of general-purpose grades that are highly cost-competitive, but also in the form of high-performance grades such as alloys with in-house engineering plastics, transparent and antistatic grades, and carbon fiber reinforced grades.
Currently, TOYOLAC™ represents the best ABS resin available for new projects, new designs, and new applications.

Information of Toray Plastics (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad

Toray Plastics (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad manufactures the same quality grade as Toray.

Featured grade

Transparent ABS resin TOYOLAC™950 ME1, 950 ME2 for Medical application

Remarks for Handling

  1. The figures described herein are representative values of natural colors obtained based on the specific test method, and are NOT guaranteed values.
  2. For our colored products, the figures described herein will vary depending on the type and amount of pigment, dye, and additive used.
  3. The information contained herein is currently information we can reasonably obtain. The information may be revised without notice.
  4. The information contained herein, including but not limited to application examples, does NOT represent, warrant or guarantee the quality or safety of your products. When using our products for your or third party’s products, in consideration of various relevant laws and regulations, industrial property rights, product standards, self-regulatory standards, etc., please conduct product test etc. and confirm the quality or safety by yourself.
  5. The basis that show the combustion resistance described herein is only the evaluation result in the test performed on the test piece prepared by the procedure in accordance with each specific standard. It can NOT be applied to the risk assessment in an actual fire.
    Note: For UL certification values, please refer to the Yellow card issued by UL (File No. E41797).
  6. When using with medical devices, food packages, safety instruments or toys for infant, and so on, consult us about the concrete application and usage beforehand by all means.
    Do NOT use our products for any medical internal implantation.
  7. Regarding export of our products and exports of products incorporating our products, please comply with relevant laws and regulations such as foreign exchange and foreign trade laws.
  8. Under the chemical substance management system of each country, the chemical substance used in our products is regulated, and it may be necessary to apply separately or it may not be possible to import or export. If you are an exporter or importer of our products, please contact us for regulatory compliance in your country.
  9. Refer to Safety Data Sheet for this our product before use.
  10. We make NO representation, warranty or guarantee whether expressed or implied, in respect of fitness for a particular purpose and safety of our products for your products. You will be responsible for ascertaining the suitability of our products for your purpose and safety. 
  11. Use of any recycled material in the process is limited to a blending ratio of 25 percent or less by weight if UL746D is applied. Some materials of certain grades have been registered as fit for blending by 25 percent by weight or more.
  12. Please confirm the safety, quality and application suitability of the molded product or colored product when our material is molded by an external resin molding company or when our material is colored.