Technical Information|Basic Information|Grades of Toray PPS Resin, TORELINA

The basic grades include the glass fiber reinforced type, which offers high strength and relatively excellent toughness, the glass fiber + filler reinforced type, which offers excellent dimensional accuracy, and the unreinforced type, which is low in strength but sticky. Each grade is available as the cross-linked polymer type, which has excellent creep properties and so on, and the linear polymer type, which offers excellent toughness. There are also other variations such as the high flow type, for which the amounts of reinforcement and polymer molecular weights are adjusted. Also in the lineup are elastomer improvement types, for which the low toughness, a weakness of PPS, is improved. In addition, special purpose grades are also offered, which have high sliding properties, high laser weldability, low levels of chlorine, tracking resistance, and other additional properties. For details, refer to the catalog.

Table. 4.1 List of representative grades of Toray PPS resin, TORELINA

Grade name Reinforcement Elastomer
[Basic grade]
A504X90       Cross-linked PPS + 40% GF (standard)
A504X95       Cross-linked PPS + 40% GF (high flow)
A604       Linear PPS + 40% GF (toughness)
A604X97       Linear PPS + 40% GF (high flow)
A310MX04       Cross-linked PPS + 65% (GF + filler) (standard))
A400MX05       Cross-linked PPS + 55% (GF + filler) (high flow)
A610MX03       Linear PPS + 65% (GF + filler) (toughness)
A900       Linear PPS (standard)
[Elastomer improvement grades]
A673M     Linear PPS + 30% GF (toughness)
A575W20     Cross-linked PPS + 50% (GF + filler) (high flow)
A495MA1     Cross-linked PPS + 50% (GF + filler) (good epoxy adhesion)
A670T05     Linear PPS + elastomer improvement (toughness)
[Special purpose grade]
A515       Sliding properties
A660M       Tracking resistance
A602L-X01       Laser weldability (transparent material)
H501       High thermal conductivity (electroconductive type)
A625H-L01       Low chlorine