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Toray PPS resin is a thermal engineering plastic. Types of PPS resin include both the cross linked and linear type.

Toray engages in total production from base polymers to compounds, offering a wide variety of grades.


Heat resistant

Outstanding long-term heat resistance properties (UL temperature index 200-240°C, UL File No. E41797).

Dimensional stability

Minimum molding contraction rate and coefficient of linear thermal expansion with low moisture absorption means outstanding dimensional stability even at high temperature and high humidity.

Chemical resistance

Outstanding chemical resistance on a par with fluoroethylene resin.

Mechanical properties

The resins offer high strength and high rigidity with minimum decline in characteristics at high temperatures. Outstanding anti-fatigue and anti-creep properties.

Flame retardant

Confirms with UL94V-0 without inclusion of flame retardant agents (UL File No. E41797).

Electrical properties

Offers outstanding electrical properties at high temperature, high humidity and high frequencies.

Molding properties

Outstanding fluidity allows injection molding on a level with standard engineering plastics.

Remarks for Handling

Safety Precautions

  1. Refer to the Material Safety data sheet for TORELINA® before use.
  2. Small amount of hazardous gases which may irritate eyes, nose and throat may be released. Use adequate local exhaust ventilation during drying and molding.
  3. Sweep up and dispose of spilled resin to eliminate slipping hazard.
  4. Don't pile bags too high in order to avoid injury caused by falling of the product.

Care in Handling

  1. Be certain to pre-dry before using TORELINA® under following condition.
  2. Drying condition : 3hrs at 130°C (actual temperature) using a hot-air dryer.
  3. This bag consists of an inner bag (PE) and outer bag (paper) that can be separated with ease. The design makes it easy to recycle the materials.