AMILAN® Nylon Resin

The Toray nylon resin (polyamide resin) AMILAN® is a thermoplastic engineering plastic containing an amide group (-CONH-) and it exhibits excellent strength, toughness, heat resistance, and anti-friction wear resistance.

Toray's lineup consists of Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Nylon 610 as well as a large number of co-polymer nylon formulations. In addition, a variety of grades designed for various customer needs and applications are available, including non-reinforced, reinforced, flame retardant, anti-friction wear, high impact, film, monofilament, and blow molding grades.


Nylon 6 and Nylon 66

  • Features an excellent balance of properties in terms of mechanical behavior.
  • Features superior toughness under standard humidity conditions.
  • Features superior chemical and oil resistance.
  • Features superior anti-abrasion and wear resistance.
  • The self-extinguishing and flame retardant properties of almost all grades conforms with UL standard 94VO.
  • Features superior long-term heat resistance (maximum long-term continuous use temperature: approximately 80–150°C)
  • Grades that are reinforced with glass fibers are particularly outstanding in terms of their elastic modulus and strength.
  • Features low gasoline permeability and superior gas barrier properties.

Nylon 610

  • Features excellent flexibility as well as impact resistance at low temperatures.
  • Features relatively minimal absorbency and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Features excellent bending fatigue properties.

Copolymer Nylon

  • Products with special features including transparency, flexibility, and adhesiveness are available.
  • Products with special characteristics including solubility in alcohol are available.

Remarks for Handling

Safety Precautions

  1. Refer to the Material Safety data sheet for AMILAN® before use.
  2. During drying and molding of AMILAN®, volatile components which can irritate eyes, nose, and throat may be released. When such heat treatment is performed, appropriate local ventilation measures should be taken.
  3. Sweep up and dispose of spilled pellets to prevent slipping.
  4. Don't pile stocks too high in order to avoid injury caused by the product falling.

Care in Handling

  1. AMILAN® is provided in a dry state in moisture-proof packaging. If the product is left to stand after opening, processing may be impeded due to moisture absorption.
  2. The bag can be easily separated into an inner bag (PE) and an outer bag (paper). The design was developed with recycling in mind.