Polypropylene Film TORAYFAN*

  • General industrial
  • Packaging
  • Capacitor
  • Print lamination

Grade Type Thickness(µm) Features & Treatment Application
Glue adhesive type 2578 15 Corona on backside (1)Cover for various publication,books and text books
(2)Carrying bags
(3)Jacket cover for CD and music record albums
(4)Decorative boxes for cosmetics
(5)Paper containers for other daily-life commoditiess
2248 15 Anti-statics on both sides
Corona on both sides
S648 20 Corona on backside
Treated for good adhesion on front
YM11 15,20 Matte treatment on front
Corona on both sides
Thermal lamination NL10 27.5 Tranceparence
Corona on backside
NL12 27.5 Tranceparence
Corona on both sides
NL22 27.5 Mtte
Corona on both sides
NL82 32.5 Glue-receptive good adhesion on front
Corona on backside
VL10 30 Highly adhesive tranceparent type
Corona on backside
VL12 30 Highly adhesive tranceparent type
Corona on both sides
VL22 30 Highly adhesive matte type
Corona on both sides


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