Polypropylene Film TORAYFAN*Print lamination

Toray's Torayfan* BO is a polypropylene film produced by biaxial extension process, first commercialized in Japan by Toray. It is the lightest among all plastic films, and it excels in transparency, strength, and scent barrier properties. Torayfan* is widely used in industrial applications, capacitors, and as packaging material.



It is biaxially oriented film having high tensile strength. It is best suited for package requiring toughness.


It excels in transparency and scratch-resisitance properties. Thus excellent gloss surface appearance and has good printing effects, thereby increaseing the value of package contents.

Moisture proof

Water vapor transmission rate is very low, therefore it is best suited for package which requires moisture proof properties.


Gloss type

High gloss feeling gives an excellent surface effect to paper and printed materials and excels in anti-scratch and anti-blocking properties.

Mat type

It has been the standard type for mat type for OPP since the start of this type in 1978. High mat feeling gives an excellent and subdued surface effect.

Sack type

With the Toray's original technology, film surface has excellent glue properties, making it possible to use glue for sack application of machine application type.

Thermal lamination type

Efficiency can be improved greatly by adding adhesive layer for the above films (1),(2) and (3). As it does not use solvent, it it environmental friendly. We guarantee the total quality as our production covers all, from production of films to application of adhesive layer.


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