Polypropylene Film TORAYFAN*General industrial

Toray's Torayfan* BO is a polypropylene film produced by biaxial extension process, first commercialized in Japan by Toray. It is the lightest among all plastic films, and it excels in transparency, strength, and scent barrier properties. Torayfan* is widely used in industrial applications, capacitors, and as packaging material.



Torayfan* film has a very high tensile strength in both longitudinal and lateraldirections due to the biaxial extension process used in its manufacturing. It is most suitable as a component material for packaging where strength is crucial.


Torayfan* has excellent transparency and yet is scratch-resistant. It gives high gloss, thus produces excellent printed finish, and helps to enhance the presentation of the packaged contents.

Anti-moisture property

Its water vapor transmission rate is extremely low, and is hygroscopic. Thus it is suitable for use in packaging where water content retention needs to be assured.

Release property

Non treated side has a good release property which is the feature of polypropylene.

Electrical properties

Torayfan* has very high insulation resistance, thus produces minimal insulation defects, making it suitable for applications requiring high reliability. Dielectric loss tangent is low, thus it is suitable for high-precision circuits and use in alternating current applications.



Torayfan* is compatible with roto gravure ink and flexography ink for polypropylene. When selecting the ink, be sure to consider the surface to be printed (treated or non-treated side), further post-processing applied including lamination, and packaging methods.


This film is compatible with dry lamination and extrusion lamination. Adhesives which can be used are: urethane base adhesive for dry lamination and urethane, imine, or titanate base adhesive for extrusion lamination. Be sure to consider the application when selecting the adhesive.

Heat Seal

Hot wire sealing and ultrasonic seal are possible.


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