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  • Lumirror* has many unique characteristics, such as excellent strength, electrical insulation, high and low temperature resistance, and chemical resistance.

Mechanical properties

Lumirror* boasts one of the highest tensile strength among all plastic films, and even a 0.025mm thick Lumirror* sheet resists attempt to tear it by hand. This thin yet strong material enables electronic component manufacturers to produce high-performance products with smaller size and lighter weight.

Electrical properties

With its high dielectric strength and heat resistance, Lumirror* is an ideal electrical insulation material, widely used in motor, transformer applications.

High and low temperature resistance

Lumirror*'s melting point is 260°C, and it has a wide temperature range of -70-+180°C for operating and processing. These properties make Lumirror* suitable for wide uses, and enables multiple steps of processing without compromising its properties.

Chemical resistance

Lumirror* is resistant against almost all solvents and chemicals excluding strong alkalis. It boasts one of the highest chemical resistance among all plastic films.

Moisture and water resistance

Lumirror*'s mechanical and chemical properties remain unchanged even when immersed in water, making it suitable for all industrial applications.

Low gas transmission rate

Lumirror* has a very low gas transmission rate compared to most other plastic films. This feature, combined with its strength and high / low temperature resistance makes Lumirror* ideal as the base material in foodstuff packaging applications where long-term storage is required, and in other applications requiring anti-oxidant properties.

No plasticizer added

Due to the absence of addictives such as plasticizer, Lumirror* under normal temperature and humidity will not deteriorate in quality or become brittle over time.


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