Inorganic Chemical Products

ISOLENE* catalyst process

1) Typical process flow diagram

2) Feature

  • Isomerizing non-equilibrium xylene mixtures to-equilibrium mixtures.
  • Converting Ethylbenzene in the feed to benzene at high conversion.
  • Ethylbenzen conversion can be flexible between 40 and 90wt% with reaction temperature adjustment.
    Higher ethylbenzene conversion is suitable for raising PX production and lower case contribute improvement of aromatics yield.
  • High xylene yield.
  • High purity(99.90wt%) benzene can be obtained without non-aromatis extraction unit.
  • Long catalyst life(Toray customers haven't regenerated catalysts for more than 10 years from their initial start-up).

3) Commercial reference

More than 10 commercial units are under operation in both Japan and outside of Japan.

* Trademarks of Toray Group in this Chemical product site are used for Japanese Customer.


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