TOYOLAC® is a thermoplastic material known as ABS resin which is composed of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene.

TOYOLAC® is lightweight, strong, attractive and easily processable while ensuring excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical and coloring properties. This allows use in many fields ranging from industrial to home use. TOYOLAC® can be called the most outstanding ABS resin in terms of new production planning, new design and new applications.

Features of Toray ABS Resin Toray TOYOLAC®

  • TOYOLAC® is a highly-rigid material that exhibits great impact, flexural, and compression resistance. These characteristics demonstrate that TOYOLAC® is a viable alternative to metal.
  • TOYOLAC® can be produced in a variety of colors and needs no painting. Due to its excellent electrical insulating properties and chemical resistance, TOYOLAC® requires no special coating for protection against corrosion when used in electrical appliance housings or vessels for chemicals.
  • TOYOLAC® features good processability and can be injection molded or extruded easily using a standard molding machine.

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